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Why The Pet Deli?

The Pet Deli - Delivered to your door. The highest quality pet food you can get, right at your fingertips.

The Pet Deli Online provides pet food selections and pet food plans that consist of the highest quality meats and organ meats for dogs and all carnivores. If you’re reading this, you probably already realize that feeding your pet natural, whole food is the best diet for your pet. The truth is, if you really want the best for your pet — which is a carnivore — you will want them to be their healthiest. We can help you to avoid the many potential health challenges your furbabies can incur from regularly ingesting a diet of dehydrated, processed kibble. When you feed them their species-appropriate, evolutionary, natural whole food diet you are taking the next step to get them started on the right path.

What do I do next?

First, go to our Meal Calculator to determine how much to feed your pet daily based on their weight and activity level. Next, simply order our Sampler Plan to get started. You will receive a selection of 10 meals delivered to your door in dry ice. Once you feed your pet our sampler plan, you will better understand what to expect when you place an order for 30 days of food. Please review our Shipping Coverage page to make sure you live within our shipping areas. You will need to call us to place an order if you are outside these areas.

Lastly, go to the diet Conversion Instructions page to learn about what to expect when you convert your pet’s diet over to a natural, moist, whole-food diet.

Why is The Pet Deli Online my best choice?

That is a good question. The answer is rooted in our core philosophy. At The Pet Deli, we strive to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by using only meats and organ meats that are fit for human consumption. You can rest assured that we do not add any fillers or byproducts and we don’t use any additives, artificial flavors or colorants. Everything we sell is 100% natural, to ensure that your pet will have a beautiful skin& coat and optimum oral hygiene as well as long-lasting health and well-being overall. Take a look below to see what we offer:

Whole Pet Food Categories

  • Poultry like Turkey, Duck and Quail
  • Grass Fed Meats for rotation like Beef, Lamb, Buffalo, Goat and Venison
  • Small animal to add to their rotating diet like Rabbit which is half the calories compared to Pork
  • Seafood for Omega 3s like Salmon, Tuna, Tilapia and Green Lipped Mussels
  • Organ Meats for high protein intake like Heart, Liver, Kidney, Trachea and Tripe
  • Natural Treats to reward them
  • Raw, Natural Chews to maintain their dental hygiene and occupy them
  • Pure Natural Herbs to aid in balancing out their diet and healing
  • Animal-Based Oils for hip and joint, arthritis, skin & coat and proper digestion

Remember: Adding variety to their rotation will provide the balance your furbabies need to maintain a long and healthy life…

Again, we DON’T use ANY fillers (and at The Pet Deli, we consider potatoes a filler.) Our Medleys contain 5% fruits and vegetables for those who prefer to have the benefit of some fruits and vegetables in their pet’s diet. However, when we heal a dog, we convert them to a pure meat diet with a large variety of all categories for their rotation. We add appropriate Herbs, Oils and Minerals to their diet to aid them in their healing process.

Meal Plans

Finally, we also offer the convenience of pre-selected non-conditional and conditional meal plans to simplify your ordering and insure you are getting the best rotation of foods for your pet’s diet. The categories for our Meal Plans are:

Conditional Plans:

Non-Conditional Plans:


That’s it for now. At The Pet Deli, we are always working on better ways to help pet owners order natural pet food. Any suggestions and ideas regarding how we can improve this site are welcomed and greatly appreciated.


The Pet Deli Team

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