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Why Natural Whole Food?

Why should you feed your furbabies Natural Whole Food? Simply put, pure raw or cooked natural whole food is your pet’s evolutionary diet, because their bodies are designed to digest meat. Dry kibble-style food was created solely for long-term storage and primarily for the convenience of pet owners. Kibble is comprised of 60-80% cereals and grains, which dogs and cats can not digest properly. If you want them to be at the peak of health, your pets need to consume a species-appropriate raw or cooked natural pet food diet.

Listen to the Experts talk about Natural Pet Food…

Ron Magill (Internationally Recognized Wildlife Expert) discusses the dietary needs of carnivores such as domesticated dogs and cats:

“I think one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about animals and food is that their pets are no longer wild and no longer can process raw food. Well, that’s not true. Domestication is basically – over generations and generations – taking out wild instincts from an animal. It doesn’t take away the natural dietary needs of an animal. Keep in mind that wild animals do not eat cooked or processed foods. The eat raw foods, and this is something that people need to understand… that raw food is the basis of every animal diet.”


Bill Piechocki (Pet Nutritionist) discussing the difference between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores:

“Basically it’s very simple and this is where there seems to be a lot of confusion. Carnivores, of course, are meat-eaters. That’s primarily what their whole body is set up for. They have specific enzymes and digestive juices that break down animal products and are utilized by the body. Herbivores, of course, are animals that eat plants… primarily and exclusively plants. Again, the same thing… their enzymes, their digestive tract is completely different than that of the carnivore; in that it’s designed to break down and extract vitamins, minerals, and nutrients out of plant material. Omnivores are kind of like a cross-breed. They’re a little bit of each. They can take plant material, they can take meat material… but again, it still boils down to balance…”

Are cats and dogs carnivores?

“They’re definitely carnivores, you can tell anatomically by looking at their jaws. They don’t have grinding teeth, their jaws don’t move from side-to-side. They’re not designed for grinding up foods like a cow is. They’re designed to tear and swallow. You know, one of the #1 customer complaints that customers have about their dogs is that they always gulp down their food. Well, Mother Nature designed them that way.”

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