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Hi, my name is Barry and I’m a Petsultant┬« at The Pet Deli. What makes the best pet food? This is a simple question to answer:

What is whole food? What is processed food? It’s that simple. Dogs are carnivores which are meat eaters. If you are feeding a rotation of meats and organ meats, you are in good shape and you are giving your dog healthy food to help and aid them in leading a healthy and quality life. If you feed them processed food, well, think about it. Do you live on processed food? If you did, would you be the healthiest you could be?

When we got sick, Mom told us to eat healthy food like chicken soup, drink a lot of liquids like orange juice, rest, etc. When our dogs get sick, they go to the veterinarian’s office, get pumped full of meds, come home and we pour little round dry pellets in their bowl and pray for them to heal.

This is the basics of learning about pet food and will begin your journey on better understanding how to take care of your loved ones. Please feel free to hit us up if you have questions.



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