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Healing Plan

Healing Plan

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The Healing Plan from The Pet Deli is sort of like mom's chicken soup. When your pet just doesn't seem to be feeling well, this is a good plan to start with. Please scroll down to see ingredients.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Order the Healing Plan from The Pet Deli to give your pet’s immune system a boost when they have been eating commercial pet foods or just don’t feel well.

    As kids, when we got sick, Mom told us to eat chicken soup, drink a lot of fluids and to rest. This advice is pretty much the same for your dogs. When your dog is healing from an injury or illness, feeding him natural food like what his ancestors ate as their evolutionary diet will provide the proper nutrition and give him strength to heal. Dry food (kibble) is a dehydrating diet and is not the least bit natural. Whole foods like those listed below will always be your best choice when healing your pet. Please feel free to email us any questions you may have at:

    Healing Plan Ingredients

    The Healing Plan consists of two each of the following meals:

    Ground Raw Lamb (pure ground lamb meat)
    Ground Raw Lamb and Turkey Blend (lamb and turkey)
    Ground Raw Rabbit Purity (pure ground rabbit meat)
    Ground Raw Pork Heart and Soul (pork heart and brain)
    Ground Raw Beef Liver (pure ground beef liver)
    Ground Raw Turkey Heart (pure ground turkey heart)
    Ground Raw Beef Purity (GF) Grass Fed (beef, heart, liver and kidney)
    Ground Raw Buffalo (pure ground buffalo meat)
    ECO 3 Ground Raw Blend (beef hearts, chicken necks and turkey gizzards)
    Ground Raw Beef Heart (pure ground beef heart)
    Ground Raw Lamb Heart & Soul (lamb heart and brains)
    Ground Raw Beef Raw Essentials Purity (beef, heart, liver, kidney and tripe)
    Ground Raw Lamb Raw Essentials Purity (lamb hearts, liver, kidney and tripe)
    Ground Raw Pork Liver (pork liver)

    Our foods are created using only USDA graded meats, poultry and seafood. All of our products are free of hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors and fillers. Any produce, where used, is limited to only 5% fresh organics, as carnivores have little use for these.

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    Additional Information

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