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Natural Chews from The Pet Deli are essential tools for keeping your dog healthy and happy. These chews help to clean their teeth. Dogs are typically fed a lot of processed and unnatural food which is not good for their teeth. We as humans at least get to brush our teeth every day.

Rotate Chews

When you feed your dog a pure natural diet like we promote at The Pet Deli, you are never feeding your pets any unnatural food. Our food has nothing artificial: no preservatives, simply all-natural whole food. Even if your dog is now on a natural diet, you should still rotate chews as often as you can.

Good Dental Hygiene

Chews not only serve to preoccupy a dog, but are crucial in promoting good dental hygiene because chews help aid in breaking up bacteria pockets between their teeth. Many of you have dogs that will experience bleeding in their gums when introducing bully sticks or natural chews. When that happens, please realize that it is the same as if you were not flossing for a year. When you finally do, you may see some bleeding because you broke up pockets of bacteria, etc. which caused you to bleed. This is no different for a dog.

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