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Our Wild Exotic Plans from The Pet Deli are 30 (a month’s worth) raw-food meals, conveniently packaged in half-pound, one-pound or two-pound sizes and shipped to your doorstep in dry ice*.

The Wild Exotic Plans selections consist of ten containers of each of the following raw ground meals:

Duck and Rabbit Blend

Grass-Fed Goat Medley

Grass-Fed Buffalo Medley

Healthy and Wholesome

The Pet Deli’s Medley choices consist of ground meats and organ meats which have been USDA-inspected and passed as fit for human consumption, along with organic fruits & vegetables. All of our Medleys from The Pet Deli contain 5 percent fruits & vegetables: Blueberries are included for their antioxidant properties; cranberries for promoting your pet’s urinary tract health; carrots, beans, & garlic work as blood cleansers and also natural flea repellent. None of The Pet Deli’s foods ever contain fillers. (We consider foods like potatoes a filler.)

*Local pickup available in Delray Beach Florida

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Shipped in Cooler with Dry Ice