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Your dog is a carnivore so cutting all of the carbohydrates and cereals out of their diet will give them the chance to get their weight under control. Dogs, which are carnivores, turn carb’s into sugars hence, that’s why carnivores are meat eaters. Having carb’s in their diet isn’t tremendously unhealthy, however, making that food their “staple” diet can cause harm to them long term with obesity being a challenge for many of you pet guardians.

We have hand selected a pre-configured plan that takes all of the guessing as to what selections are best for you to order to get your dog at a manageable weight level. This is a balanced rotation of some of our favorites. You also have control over your pet’s portions due to the fact that our deli containers have the weight and ingredients listed on the label of each container, giving you the ability to make future adjustments if need be to get your dog’s weight under control.

We recommend rotating animal based oils like salmon oil, sardine oil and krill oil by adding a little to each of their meals for additional aid for their skin, coat, hips and joints as well.

To learn more about portions and conversion instructions (for those of you not feeding raw currently), go to our FAQ and click “Why the Pet Deli”. Your delivery will occur 2-4 business days after you place your order.

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