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These plans are designed to aid dogs with skin conditions. Humans eat wholefoods, meat and other natural things. Converting your dog over from a processed food diet to a natural, wholefood diet is the first thing you should do to give them the nutritional support they need for their skin and coat.

If your dog is on a diet of dry food or kibble, that is a dehydrating and 100% processed food diet of cereals and carbohydrates which may also be a factor if they are having challenges with their skin and coat. Dogs are carnivores and should have a rotating diet of natural raw meats and organ meats. Continuing them on a dry food or kibble diet, but thinking if they drink more water this will be a solution, is incorrect thinking. They need moist food period! We recommend rotating animal based oils like salmon oil, sardine oil and krill oil by adding a little to each of their meals for additional aid for their skin, coat, hips and joints as well.

We have hand selected a pre-configured plan that removes all of the guessing from you in deciding what to order. This is a balanced rotation of some of our best sellers.

To learn more about portions and conversion instructions (for those of you not feeding raw currently), go to our FAQ and click “Why the Pet Deli”. Your delivery will occur 2-4 business days after you place your order.

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