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These plans are designed to aid dogs that are rehabilitating or healing from an injury or illness. Humans eat wholefoods, meat and other natural things. Converting your dog over from a processed food diet to a natural, wholefood diet is the first thing you should do to give them the nutritional support they need to aid them in their healing and rehabilitation process.

If your dog is on a diet of dry food or kibble, that is a dehydrating and 100% processed food diet of cereals and carbohydrates which may also be a factor if they are having challenges and need the proper nutrition to help them heal. Some dogs can tolerate the dry food or kibble, where with others it can wreak havoc on them. Dogs with these types of challenges don’t fair well being on a purely processed dry food or kibble diet that is dehydrating. Dogs are carnivores and should have a rotating diet of natural raw meats and organ meats. We recommend rotating animal based oils like salmon oil, sardine oil and krill oil to their meals for additional aid for their skin, coat, hips and joints as well.

Feeding your dog the correct kind of chew will aid in their dental hygiene, but more importantly for dogs with behavioral conditions, will keep them preoccupied so they stay out of trouble. We’re not talking about an unhealthy rawhide chew that tears up their insides when they swallow pieces, we are talking about natural beef trachea’s and bully sticks. Pigs ears are also a nice natural chew for the right kind of dog. If your dog doesn’t like chews, we are sorry to say that you need to become a better parent and teach your dog how to like chews. Chews preoccupy them but more importantly for dogs with bad dental hygiene, aid in keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Many dog guardians notice blood coming from their dog’s mouth when they begin giving them these chews. This is okay… imagine you not flossing for a year and then all of a sudden you floss. This is what is happening with your dog.

We have hand selected a pre-configured plan that takes all of the guessing as to what selections are best for you to order to give them the nutrition they need to heal themselves. Our Mother’s told us to eat healthy food when we got sick, eat our chicken soup, drink liquids and rest. But as pet guardians, for some reason we think we can pour the same old dry pellets in a bowl and expect them to heal. This is a balanced rotation of some of our favorites.

To learn more about portions and conversion instructions (for those of you not feeding raw currently), go to our FAQ and click “Why the Pet Deli”. Your delivery will occur 2-4 business days after you place your order.

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