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Raw food, a dog or cat’s evolutionary diet, is pure: Carnivores are designed to digest meat like our Raw Food Selections. Dry food was created solely for long-term storage, primarily for the convenience of pet owners. You are the guardians of your pets’ health and welfare: Is convenience more important than nutrition and quality of life? Carnivores require moisture!

Remember, dogs and cats are carnivores. As such, 90% of their diet should consist of meats like our Raw Food Selections. Dry foods are 60-80% cereals and grains, which cats and dogs cannot digest properly. If a pet food says “Grain Free”, it is still comprised primarily of carbohydrates, most of which are not really ideal for carnivores. Actually, these fillers can be difficult for them to digest at all.

This is the number one reason dogs and cats end up being overweight, even though they may only eat small portions of dry food. Fillers accumulate in your pet’s body. Fatty deposits then develop, just like they do when humans eat junk. To ensure they’re at the peak of health, feed your dogs and cats the protein they need from fresh meat like our Raw Food Selections!

Feed your dog 2-3% of their body weight on average daily when feeding natural food. If Fido is more active, feed 3% of body weight or more, depending upon just how active.

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