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A Healthier Pet

What are some of the benefits of feeding your dog Cooked Food Selections from The Pet Deli? Natural pet food can reduce or even eliminate food allergies. Switching from kibble to real food can also promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Better-quality pet food can even deliver naturally clean teeth, improve hydration, and decrease urination.

Cooked Food Selections from The Pet Deli offer the very best support for healing your pet’s health problems. This is because natural pet food provides a species-appropriate, balanced approach to your animal’s health and well-being. This is accomplished by strengthening the immune system with the appropriate levels of diverse proteins and omega 3’s.

When you feed him natural pet food, Fido should consume 2-3% of his body weight daily, on average. If he’s more active, feed him the equivalent of 3% of his body weight or more.

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