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Pet Nutrition is very important to us here at The Pet Deli. All of our FDA-approved, USDA-inspected, meats and organic veggies have been certified fit for human consumption. Our diets are all balanced, and each individual serving of our food is completely balanced in nutritional content. When commercial pet food is processed, all of the nutrients are essentially cooked right out of it and they have to be artificially replaced. When you are feeding your fur-babies natural whole food, the only processing that has been done is grinding for some of the selections, cooking for the cooked selections and packaging for both. The vitamins and minerals your pets need are retained better in the unprocessed food. If your pets have challenges to their health, you can also add various herbs, oils, and minerals to their food. These supplements go a long way to facilitate healing, and providing them with natural chews as well will assist in cleaning their teeth.

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