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What are the Benefits of natural dog food?

The benefits of natural dog food include reduced food allergies, improved hydration, decreased urination, naturally clean teeth, healthy skin and shiny coat. This food offers the best support for healing because it strengthens the immune system; providing balanced varieties of diverse proteins, omega 3’s, and a balanced approach to your animal’s health and well-being.


Listen to the Experts…

Ron Magill; Internationally recognized Wildlife Expert & Zoological Authority discusses the importance of proper nutrition or diet for carnivores, especially pets such as cats and dogs:

“I think an overwhelming majority of illnesses or deficiencies can all be linked to diet, in the long run. When you look at an animal that has not developed well, that is not functioning well, a lot of that can many times be attributed to poor diet. It can be anything from allergies, it can be anything… to excessive skin sensitivities, a bad coat… so many of those things can be attributed directly to diet. So diet really is the building block upon which animals develop a good life.”




Bill Piechocki (Pet Nutritionist & Health Guru) discusses why you should consider changing to a real food diet, even if your pets do not have any health problems from eating kibble.

“The easiest thing is to think of your own life, okay? There’s days when everything’s going along very very well, you feel healthy, and you know you’re doing the junk food thing… ’cause you’re just in a lifestyle, you know, everything’s busy. All of a sudden one day you go to get out of bed, and everything aches.Well, you still get up and you still function normally. Your body is hiding it. This is what’s actually going on with your pet. So… is the animal really healthy? We don’t know until we start looking at symptoms. Sometimes the animal will start to slow down a little bit. Sometimes they’re just not as active… they’re sleeping more. These are usually symptoms that something’s a little bit out of whack. They may go off their food a little bit. Well, when we look at carbohydrate-based foods in carnivores, what happens is they’re low-energy for that animal. So they become a little bit more lethargic. The body starts to store more fat, they gain a few pounds, they get more lethargic, now they can’t get up and down the stairs… and it’s not necessarily all because of the weight, it’s because their body aches. Dry food is dehydrated – when you’re dehydrated, your whole body aches, so you’re not going to be active. So we also look at it from the standpoint… we don’t want the animal to get to the point where it is sick or diseased. We want to prevent it. That’s whathealth is about, not medicine.”

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